About Us


The Aspley Uniting Church on behalf of The Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod, oversees the operation of the Aspley Early Childhood Education Centre & Family Ministry, which offers Long Day Child Care Services and a Family Ministry to support our community.

The Aspley Early Childhood Education Centre engages in these services as an expression of God’s love and concern for children and their parents or guardians.

To that end, the Centre will strive to ensure that all children will receive high quality care in an environment that is safe, caring, stimulating and nurturing of individual differences as they learn and grow physically, spiritually, intellectually, creatively, socially and emotionally.

To grow the Christian Faith within the young families in our wider community through the commencement of a dedicated and resourced Children’s & Families Ministry.


Pioneering Child Care at Aspley:- Early in the1950’s Muriel Johnston, a member of the congregation at that time, created a Kindergarten in an old Army hut on this site. A kindergarten has operated continuously since then until in 2005. The then owner, ABC, closed the centre. Maureen Saxil ran the centre for 38 years before retiring in 1999. Maureen was loved by children and parents and today we have Grand-children from these families now in the centre.

A new era commemces :- What can a church do with specialised facilities in their rooms? This was the question that confronted our congregation. Answer — Create a Christian Based Child Care Centre. Find an operator who would team with us to operate such a centre that had a Chaplain on site paid by the centre. Wrong– the mix of a “Not for Profit partner” and a “Business profit earning partner” was not viable. So back to the drawing Board. The Congregation would have to run the centre. We certainly had the people with the experience and skills to manage a centre, but we had no experience in running a child care centre.

Our Vision:- Our vision for a Christian Based Child Care Centre received wonderful support from professional people. It captured the interest of Uniting Church Leadership as a role model for other congregations to encompass. Federal, State & Local representatives became excited that a community organization was going to provide a high level of service to young families. Local Govt. in particular provided very practical support.

Construction of a new building:- and upgrading of existing rooms commenced in October 2007. For months prior to this we had a great team of volunteers working to strip the existing rooms in readiness for the builder to transform the old into new. In the background the ladies were collecting goods that could be used in the centre.

The Vision:– We have had a dream, a dream that would allow us to make contact with many young families that are living in our community. This has been a long term dream over which we have prayed. At every turn when we faced a problem, the right person has come and offered to support us. This has happened so often, that it cannot be a coincidence and it continues to happen.

We have only commenced this journey and we have many plans to improve the centre and to provide support for the families. This will continue to unfold over the next decade.