About us

A church-based child care & kindergarten

Aspley Early Childhood Education Centre is operated by Uniting Education Early Learning, a childcare and kindergarten service within the Uniting Church Queensland Synod. The Uniting Church in Queensland has been providing early childhood care and education through its congregations and other church organisations such as Wesley Mission Queensland and UnitingCare since the opening of the Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre in 1964. Uniting Education Early Learning embodies the Christian principles of love, forgiveness, respecting and serving others, as well as the values of equity, inclusiveness and care for the environment utilising a play-based learning programme.

Our Christian Ideals

We believe a values-led education helps give young children essential guidelines for life that will help them in any undertaking at any age.

We live our values through active demonstration of our Christian ideals. There is much that we can do to model, practice and live out our values through every day activities. Through actively living our values we help our children become the best version of themselves.


Christianity teaches us that love is the most important principle to live. Through embracing love and connectedness, children learn that they are not alone. Knowing they are part of a larger support network helps develop a sense of trust, belonging and resilience.


We promotes a universal message of peace, thoughtfulness and respect for others including the environment. Jesus taught us to be forgiving and not vengeful. “do to others what you would have them do to you.” It teaches us to pause before doing something hurtful or something we might regret.


Jesus taught us to love everyone; and not discriminate. “Love one another. As I have loved you.” He treated everyone equally and with respect and truth. This ideal helps us explore what it means to love someone, to support them, to share with them, to be accepting of people who are different to us (e.g. other cultures, special needs, different families), to have empathy, to make sacrifices, to live in harmony.


We teach and help children understand the importance of gratitude and being appreciative of what we have.

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