Kylii and Tom

Dear AECEC Staff,

There is so much we wish to thank you for, so I will just get straight to it!

Thank you for including our family into the greater AECEC family and always treating us with the utmost respect. There is truly a sense of belonging that is felt each time we come to the centre. Thank you for helping our son develop and grow as a person and as an individual. He has come so far in a short time and it certainly has made things easier at home. Thank you for making our first experience with Child Care Centres memorable for all the right reasons. And thank you above all for always being there, on the phone, at the end of an email or in person to discuss anything and everything.

We are sad to be leaving the AECEC family and can only hope our new kindy can line up to the very high standard that we have come to expect from Child Care Centres like AECEC.


“I always feel so comfortable in dropping my daughter off to the centre. The staff are always so friendly and I know that they care and are 100% committed to providing the best for the children and the parents. I would recommend the centre to anyone looking for quality care.”



“AECEC is the best facility to care for our young son. The staff are always friendly and helpful and provide the most professional care. I especially love the daily reports detailing what our son has gotten up to each day, what life developments are made (walking, climbing, talking, etc.). Even when we moved away from the area we have continued to keep him at the centre because we feel a part of the ‘family’.”

– Kylii


“From the day our son started at AECEC, every staff member has cheerfully greeted him by his name (even those who work in different rooms). This has given us great confidence that the staff at the centre really do care and make time to get to know each individual child.”



“My son has been at AECEC since February 2010, and I have to commend all the staff at AECEC – you guys are absolutely amazing!!! He is so happy there, and you guys have all been extremely supportive of us, as new residents in Australia. Nothing has ever been too much trouble, and your focus on continuously improving and nourishing the children is honestly appreciated. We are very happy to be associated with AECEC and are quite sad that our son will only spend one year there before going to Prep. You are all very dear to our hearts! Thanks for everything, we love you very much!”


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